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Leucrota from Illuminated Manuscript Ruled Hardback Journal

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Perfect for those serious about journaling or writing a NYT Blockbuster. This 128-page hardcover sports a wraparound durable cover. Great for jotting character notes, ideas about setting, plot twists, or battle scenes. Durable printed cover makes the owner proud to carry it everywhere.

The determined author's new best friend.

.: Full wraparound print (where applicable)

.: 128 ruled line single pages. (College ruled has 932 in (7.1 mm) spacing between horizontal lines.)

.: Medium ruled (college ruled) pages with 932 in (7.1 mm) spacing between horizontal lines.

.: Sewn pages
.: 24 pound/ 90gsm pages
.: Casewrap binding
.: Bold colors and deep blacks (where applicable)

.: Printed in the US

Hardback Journal

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Because you want to know

Per Wikipedia: 

leucrota (plural leucrotas)

1.    (mythology) The offspring of a crocotta and a lion, supposed to be able to imitate the sound of a human voice.

crocotta (plural crocottas)

1.    mythical dog-wolf of India or Ethiopia, said to be a deadly enemy of men and dogs and able to imitate the voice of any animal or human.