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White Howlite Gemstone Chakra Bracelet

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Every Bracelet is handmade. 

Check out the removable charms to mix and match as the mood or need suits you.

3 sizes*

White Howlite may help relieve Stress, open up Memories of previous lives, Strengthen bones and/or teeth--among other benefits

The Gemstone  - The Chakra - The Gemstone's metaphysical properties

Hematite - 1st Chakra - The gemstone  may help Absorb negative energy and Calm in times of stress or worry.

Carnelian - 2nd Chakra -  the gemstone may enhance Self-esteem and Creativity, to Combat feelings of Inadequacy, to Increase Physical Energy and overcome Insomnia.

Yellow Tigereye  - 3rd Chakra - the gemstone may promote clear-eyed Vision.

Rose Quartz - 4th Chakra - the gemstone is associated with Love, the Heart and Beauty, and is thought to be a healing aid for the heart chakra.

Turquoise - 5th Chakra - the gemstone may encourage Enthusiasm, Understanding, Encourage attention to detail while attracting Prosperity and Success.

Lapis Lazuli - 6th Chakra - the gemstone may help encourage Strength, Courage, Wisdom, Intellect, and Truth.

Clear Quartz Crystal  - 7th Chakra - the gemstone may help Healing.

Stretch bracelet which slips easily over the hand.


Small:  fits a 6.5-inch wrist snugly.

Medium:  fits a 7-inch wrist snugly.

Large:  fits an 8-inch wrist snugly.

Order a size larger if you want the beaded bracelet to freely move along your arm, much like a bangle would.


NOTE: Due to the natural variations found in gemstones, every bracelet will be unique. 

Each Bracelet arrives in a simple yet elegant gift box.