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Caring for Your Motivational Jewelry

Stainless Steel:

Although stainless steel won’t rust or tarnish, it does require special care:

  • Clean any marks or packaging residue with a lint-free soft cloth and vinegar.
  • Do not scrub—it may scratch!
  • To enhance the shine, use a drop of baby or vegetable oil with a lint-free cloth.

[Per the supplier of the stainless-steel charms.]



  • Pewter is primarily tin, with a small amount of copper, whereas bronze is an alloy made mainly of copper, with a small amount of tin.
  • Pewter jewelry should be kept away from sources of extreme heat and removed when working with any kind of chemicals.
  • Pewter retains its polished surface longer if it is not worn while engaging in activities that can be hard on it, such as sports, heavy cleaning, or work that is tough on hand jewelry (if wearing rings or bracelets).
  • When cleaning pewter jewelry use nothing more than mild soap, water, and a soft cloth.

Sources: https://jewelryinfoplace.com/pewter/


Plated Jewelry:

  • Because plated jewelry has a thin layer of surface color (gold or silver), it can easily be rubbed off by products that are too harsh for it such as jewelry cleaners and tarnish remover that have corrosives.
  • Blitz® Sterling Silver shine cloth can be used with silver-plated jewelry. As with any cleaning method, test it out on a small section of plated jewelry,
  • preferably a part that doesn't normally show.

Source: https://www.firemountaingems.com/resources/jewelry-making-articles/j41t?term=how+to+clean+plated+jewelry

Another good source of information is published by TierraCast: http://www.tierracast.com/glossary.php