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Creatures! Dragons, Cockatrice, Griffins, and Things That Go Bump in the Night

Not the usual, boring Stickers, Bag Tags, or Notebooks/Journals. No'sm. Not for you. You search for distinctive and unusual items to set yourself apart from the herd. 

I use vintage images because they are unique and fascinating. My sources consist of illustrations from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian eras. For example, the Warrior on the Three-headed Vulture is Victorian! Whoever said the Victorians were dull doesn't know their history!


P.S. I love looking at and revising art and illustrations. If you find cool, old illustrations online, let me know at heartsflourish@gmail.com. Please write "STICKER/TAG/BOOK IDEA" in subject line. State your preference in TEXT box, and link source. Need I say "Keep it clean"?