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2019 Jan 1st My Very First Post (updated March 7th)

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I suppose in keeping with tradition I should create a list of 'goals' for this year. 

But, being a woman of a certain age, I have let many goals whiz past. Makes for a sad year's end.

So, I want to try a new method. I want to list projects* that I want to accomplish this year.

Whoa! That's unwieldy, says my naysayer mind. If you list all the projects you want to do this year, it continues, then the list will overwhelm you, and you won't do anything.

Now, I'm trying to learn to not let Ms. Naysayer** rule my life, but every once in a while, she has a good point.

Instead of listing my project for the year --and if you knew me, you'd know the list would be quite extensive-- I'm going to list the project I want to work on in January. 


Hmm, seems Ms. Naysayer is okay with that idea. 

Here's my list (before she changes her mind):

1. Ride my Cinnamon more.  [I sort of rode Cinnamon more.]

2. Expand HeartsFlourish's Social Media presence. [Nope, not really]

3. Continue my novel's rewrite. [Yep, I worked on my novel.]

Ms Naysayer: Stop! 

Me: Yep, that's a lot for 30 days. [I suppose that since it's March 7, I should post a blog on what I want to accomplish this month. But give me a week. heh]

[Of course, I'd like to blog also, but I won't mention that. Don't want Ms Naysayer catching wind of that project idea.]

* My girlfriend's idea. If you love anything Ancient Egypt, see her FB blog. 

**Anxiety popped up in the guise of Ms Naysayer during this draft. Sneaky, the anxiety monster is.

[I picture my anxiety monster as a wisp of aggravated, sooty smoke. You know, because when smoke gets in your eyes, it's hard to see where you're going.]

Ms Naysayer 

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